Procurement Assistant

You will be part of an international procurement team (BE,RO,CN,BD). In this team you will have a wide variety of tasks. You will place and follow-up orders from materials, parts,  supplies, equipment and/or services, based on framework agreements and established purchasing policies and procedures. Next to this you will be responsible for the indirect spend (office supplies, utilities).
You will assist in tender projects by sourcing the right materials on time and with the best conditions, taking into account the TCO.
You will assist in sourcing new high-tech materials around the globe and manage the library from all fabrics and accessories that are used/sourced by the Seyntex group.
You report to the procurement manager

Name: Procurement Assistant
Version: V1.00
Date: 4/02/2020


Department: Procurement
Reports to (Superior position): Procurement Manager
Direct reports (Report to the actual function): /
-    Hierarchical
-    Functional


By providing support to the Procurement Manager contribute to the procurement operations of the company. These operations consist of buying products and materials, based on framework agreements and established purchasing policies and procedures, coordinating indirect spend and innovation and of optimizing price, delivery and terms.


Result Area 1:  Buying of products

  • Purchases commodities and services to meet specialized and complex needs
  • Makes purchase decisions in accordance with company procedures and regulations
  • Analyzes purchase requisitions and reviews for accuracy and completion
  • Investigates and cultivates new sources for supplies and products budgets
  • Place and follow-up orders from two groups of materials in close cooperation with supply chain
  • Researches and prepares bid specifications
  • Reviews quotes and secures the most competitive bids
  • Monitors market trends and conditions
  • Place orders for materials used for tenders , follow-up from these materials and inform internal stakeholders (pre-production engineers) when materials will arrive.

Result Area 2: Coordination of Office supplies and indirect spend

  • Coordinates and defines procedures for ordering and follow-up the internal stocks of office supplies
  • Is the SPOC for suppliers of office supplies
  • Indirect spend: place orders, follow-up – look for and negotiate better conditions

Result Area 3:  Innovation

  • Retrain and keep yourself informed about the evolution and development of new materials, accessories and half-products.
  • Promote new products to the R&D manager


Key competences

1)    Eager to learn
2)    Early adaptor - flexible
3)    Excellence

Job related competences
1)    Good negotiation skills
2)    Technical expertise in textile materials
3)    Projectmanagement skills
4)    Analytical skills



Internal: Procurement (China/Romania/Bangladesh), R & D, Supply Chain, Sales, Preproduction team (Romania/Bangladesh)
External: Suppliers of fabrics, accessories and trimings (spread around the globe)



Education: Bachelor – Highly interessed by textile and/or technics
Experience: No working experience needed but may be an asset
Languages: English, French, Dutch, German (Basic)
Essential skills: Hands-on, good communication skills, teamplayer, open minded, no-nonsense, SAP knowledge, Excel knowledge


+32 9 242 54 18